6:30 PM dinner, 7:15 PM Bible Study & Kids’ Club

We share a meal together and a scripture lesson. Come, eat, fellowship, learn, worship and enjoy. This summer, our topic is “happiness.” Are Christians allowed to be “happy”? What makes humans happy, anyway? ALL are WELCOME! Pastor Sue will be cooking, but you are welcome to bring a side dish and/or dessert. Coffee, tea and beverages will be served.
Kids’ Club meets the same evenings, after dinner, with Pastor Anne!
Questions? Give us a call
in the church office or email us at TrinityCovenantChurch@gmail.com

We Serve & Celebrate Our Community with Special Events

We have fun together, and you are invited!

Our many musicians and other talented folks bring us coffeehouses a few times a year, where they entertain us with covers of everyone’s favorite music and new original music, too. We enjoy good coffee and terrific desserts while we’re loving the music – these are always good times!

We do love food! We have potlucks a few times a year, we cook out at our annual picnic in June, and we celebrate Thanksgiving together along with our many “dinner and a Bible studies” throughout the year.

Every other year or so, we are feasted with fresh-frozen salmon from Alaska when our missionary to Alaska radio station KICY comes by to catch us all up on the ministry – we raise up a bunch of money for their work on those days!

We get outdoors for fun, too – we take canoe trips together on the Delaware, and fishing trips, too. Or we get together for apple-picking or pumpkin-picking (refer back to loving food!), or snow-tubing.

We like each other, and we’d like to include you, too. Check out The Messenger to see what’s coming up this month.