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“What God has joined together….” Weddings are a delight!

Our Church Wedding Services

At Trinity Covenant Church, it is our joy to celebrate and witness the vows of marriage made between a man and a woman before God! We are happy to help a couple make the journey from single individuals to a new family unit.

Weddings at Trinity are conducted by our pastoral staff. We will help you prepare for marriage with a time of premarital preparation and counseling. The goal of the counseling and preparation period is to help you discern God’s will about the important decision of marriage and to pave the way for the best transition from single to married life. We will be glad to include you in our pastors’ and congregation’s prayers as you are making ready for this joyous and yet serious life change; we participate in weddings in order to worship and serve God through this ministry.

Because we view a church wedding as a worship service before the Lord that involves serious commitments before God, we do not “rent out” the church for weddings that are not conducted by our pastoral staff.

The exception is when a couple seeking to marry participates in a church that does not have its own sanctuary. Under these circumstances, we will share our sanctuary with the church that is celebrating the wedding; at the couple’s request our pastor will contact the couples’ pastor to make the initial arrangements.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at TrinityCovenantChurch@gmail.com, or 973-992-4044.